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Instructional Video Script

Interactive Computer Application 

Today we will explore Managebac from a coordinator perspective. Managebac is the interactive program that will be used by IB students when entering work for the Extended Essay, Creativity, Activity, and Service, and Theory of Knowledge.


Because IB is collaborative in nature, we need to all understand how Managebac works to effectively assist students with questions and help one another. Because it is interactive, Managebac will also be utilized by you, the EE, CAS and TOK Coordinators to provide feedback to students.


There are two ways you can access Managebac. Enter: in the URL bar or go to our IB webpage, navigate to the menu and click on core components. There you will find a direct link to Managebac. Either way will take you to the log in page or your dashboard if you have saved your log in information in your computer.


In order to get a list of all current students, click year groups in the left hand menu and then IB Diploma Class of 2020. This will then list the latest activity entered by coordinators as well as provide the navigational tabs at the top for your particular area.


Let’s begin by clicking the extended essay tab. This lists all students by coordinator. Jessica, Ryan and Natasha are under me because they are no longer diploma candidates but are certificate students. Then, Zandra’s group of students is listed followed by Mallory’s.

When you click on a student name,  Managebac provides a worksheet space and a researcher’s reflection space for students to organize all aspects of their research. Additionally, the assessment criteria is provided for coordinators, students, and subject supervisors. Further, the progress form in which students write their reflections on the process and their progress as well as the supervisor’s comments and the final viva voce is under this heading. After students enter a reflection, it may then be locked by the subject supervisor or the coordinator to prevent further editing.


As the coordinator, you may add additional information for students such as a direct link to your email or other resources. Zandra has provided additional links for her students such as 5 steps to help students ask good questions for research.


I realize at this time students are using Google Docs for their reflection and research space; however, by the end of May, that information must be transferred to Managebac. Since subject supervisors will be provided limited access to Managebac, it is important that the supervisors are able to view the students reflections in order to respond with feedback and insights.


While the extended essay is a  new work in progress for students and coordinators, let’s take a look at CAS which has been in place since September. Click the CAS tab at the top in order to see what CAS experience information students have been entering. You will notice three columns with the number of outcomes, reflections, and interviews for each student.


Let’s click on Daria. Each CAS experience is visible. When you click on the actual experience, you can see the information provided by the student as well as the coordinator feedback and learning outcomes. Let’s take a look at one of Daria’s very meaningful experiences. Make Homeless Care Packages. Her description and her goal are listed, and the Coordinator has provided feedback.  When you click on the Reflection and evidence tab you will see a well written and detailed reflection with photographic evidence. Evidence for CAS should include photos in most all circumstances.


Since Kirsten, Daria’s coordinator, already provided feedback, she simply entered the service hours, as this was a service project,  and clicked yes it was completed successfully.


Now let’s move on to the Theory of Knowledge tab. Since TOK has just begun, this area has not yet been completed by students nor coordinators. However, the worksheet tab provides the area for the students to begin their TOK to do list  and a place to upload their TOK documents on their chosen topic. Then there is also a rubric for the coordinator to assess the student work and provide feedback.


There is also a student journal area for students to explore the different ways of knowing, and finally the area for students to enter their presentation information and accompanying essay. Also, there is  the planning and progress  form for student reflection as they create their presentations and write their essays, and because the whole TOK project is research, there are also links to assist students with MLA and APA style depending on their research.


In order to assist coordinators with planning and students with information, there is a calendar section in Managebac. Click on the calendar tab. If you want to enter due dates for students, simply click on Add an event and fill in the name, location, and category.


If you would like to enter a deadline, click add new deadline, write in your topic, and select your category.


To see a list of all deadlines, click on IB Deadlines and the deadline list will be viewable by students and coordinators.


While Managebac provides many other functions, we will only use Managebac for Extended Essay, Creativity, Activity, Service, and Theory of Knowledge because Managebac interfaces with IBIS and the data curriculum center at


If you have further questions please contact me. Thank you for your time.

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