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Compliance Video Script

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Prioritization

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Welcome to Callaway Industries. Our employees are important for the success of our company, and we want to make sure that you start off with everything you need to be successful at your job, so today, you’ll view some videos with information and resources to address some of the most common problems found in the workplace.


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TOP stands for Time Management, Organization, and Prioritization. It may seem like these issues are just common sense, but with technology advancements and a faced paced world, it can be difficult for anyone to master these skills. 


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Let’s begin with Time Management. Why is time management important? Because everyone has deadlines to meet and meetings to attend. You don’t want to overbook yourself for appointments, and you want to ensure you have allowed some flexible time to eat lunch, take a break, and respond to time sensitive emails. Also, it’s important to coordinate your work calendar with your personal calendar to avoid any major conflicts.  


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At Callaway Industries, we use Microsoft Outlook for email and calendaring, so let’s take a look at how to best manage your time by clicking on the “Using Outlook Calendar” button.  


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With the proper time management, it will actually feel like you have more time; you won’t feel rushed, and your day will run much more smoothly.


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Organization is also a key element to success in the workplace. Why is organization important?

Because in order to locate a file or document quickly, it’s much easier when those items are organized. Also, coordinating projects and files that need to be grouped together become simpler when they’re organized. Your work space reflects your mind’s space, so make sure it’s free of clutter. Now click the “Getting Organized at Work” button to learn more.


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There are many areas of organization. Staying on top of email and organizing your computer space are important parts of achieving good organizational skills. Click on “Managing Outlook Mail and then click on Pro-Tips for Organizing Files and Folders“ to gain more strategies for organizing your digital workspace.


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Prioritizing tasks is also an important skill in the workplace. Why? Because often times, you can have tasks working for you when you are working on something else. No one wants to run out of time or miss a deadline. And planning ahead allows you to focus more clearly on the job at hand. 


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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you aren’t sure which task or project you should start with, so let’s take a look at how to prioritize our to do lists. Click on the “Eisenhower Matrix” to see why this presidential idea is still effective today. Then click on  “How to Tidy Your Desk.” Remember, your desk is your space, and we want to help you make it more functional. 

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This infographic demonstrates how TOP works together every day. In fact these skills overlap quite a bit. Click on each icon to see how Time Management, Organization, and Prioritization come full circle.


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Remember, you don’t have to feel like this, when you have the tools to feel like this.


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At Callaway Industries, we value our employees. We care about your success, and we want you to have a head start the day you begin. We hope this video has helped you gain some new ideas on how you can be a TOP employee with your own time management, organization and prioritization skills. 


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Thanks for watching, and congratulations on your new role with Callaway Industries. 

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